Hornet Hot Shots

Schedule for 2019-20 TBD

Hornet HOT SHOTS focuses on FUN and fundamentals in a player’s basketball development. By utilizing a variety of drills and contests, including individual and group instruction, each player is exposed to many different aspects of the game. HORNET HOT SHOTS is designed to improve basketball skills at every ability level by teaching basic fundamental skills and rules of the game using a positive and fun approach. Get ready for Hornet Pride, Show Me the Money, Buzzer Beaters, Steal the Cake, Beat the Coach, and much, much more! And we will do this while connecting our Hornet HOT SHOTS players with the Edina High School basketball players, nearly all of whom were once a Hornet HOT SHOT themselves! Hornet HOT SHOTS—Defending HORNET PRIDE By Building Future Champions!


Registration Fee includes all 6 events plus an official Hornet HOT SHOTS T-Shirt and Prizes!

2019 Schedule TBD